Interpreting: conference interpreting,  attorney-client interviews, client preparation, civil and criminal court proceedings, immigration, WCB, WCAB,

and other administrative hearings.


Translation: documents (business and legal),  high-tech and bio-tech,

financial,  technical,  literary.


Transcription: recorded statements,  depositions,  interviews.


Teaching: translation and interpreting skills,  languages and literatures,

cultural literacy, dialogue coaching, accent reduction,  ESL and EFL. 

Consulting: providing consulting services and expert witness services.


Event Planning: C. Meneghetti provides event planning services.

(see under Spanish)

Localization: making your programs, applications, and marketing materials perform well in a different language and culture. Software testing, QA, and translation services for the hi-tech industry. 

Mediation Services: voluntary, flexible, and confidential process that facilitates communication between parties and helps them reach a mutually acceptable solution.  

Paralegal Services: client & witness interview, case summary report,

legal research and investigation, pleadings drafting, trial preparation assistance.

Subtitling, Voice-over, and Dubbing