mediation services

Name: Marina Brodskaya


Certified Court Interpreter

Russian, French

tel: 650-387-3168

BA, BS University of Pennsylvania

MA Hunter College   MA SJSU

Mediation Training


I have been successfully providing mediation services in Santa Clara and San Francisco counties.


Q: What is mediation?

A:  Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and flexible process which allows a neutral party (mediator) to facilitate communication and negotiation in order to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.  The mediator assists the parties in expressing their interests, helps the sides recognize areas of agreement, and guides them towards a mutually acceptable and workable solution.


Conflict Resolution and Mediation services are strictly confidential and are offered in English, Russian, or French, and are scheduled at a time convenient to all sides, weekdays or weekends.

Both parties must be willing to participate. Please call to make preliminary arrangements.